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Eco wrapping [OPT]

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Color – Brown (plain)

*If your desired color is not in stock, we will change it to another color and ship it to you.

Simple wrapping that is easy but very cute.
From small items such as socks and innerwear to large items such as yoga rugs, yoga blocks, and backpacks, we will wrap them in appropriate size bags.

Approximate size: (H)x(W) 18 x 15 ~ 53 x 49 cm

※ please note ※

●If you would like wrapping, please add [desired product] + [wrapping page] to your cart and make payment.
●Please note that wrapping may not be possible depending on the packaging shape and product size.
■The desired color may be out of stock. Please note that in that case, we will change the color to another before shipping.
●If you are ordering multiple products, please be sure to write [Specification of the product to be wrapped] in the notes section.
●If you would like to send the present directly to another person or if you would like to send the detailed statement separately to the orderer, please select the option ``I would like to send it separately''.

*Shipping is free for purchases totaling 4,400 yen or more, but please note that the cost of wrapping/presentation boxes is not included.

Eco wrapping [OPT]
Eco wrapping [OPT]
Eco wrapping [OPT]