Sustainable SDGs initiatives

Making earth-friendly products

During the manufacturing stage of our brand products, companies and producers work together to reduce the negative impact on the earth. We are committed to the durability of our products, so that they are not disposable, we invest in quality rather than profit , and we strive to allow consumers to buy better products at lower costs.

From our selection of modal and organic cotton to our printing techniques, we actively choose more sustainable materials and techniques.

Initiatives for SDGs

-Uses certified organic cotton with clear origin
We've been using certified organic combed cotton in our socks since 2004. Cotton is "fiber treated" before being spun into yarn, making it softer, higher quality and more durable than regular cotton.

●Uses GOTS (Organic Textile Global Standard) certified organic yarn
We only purchase GOTS certified organic yarn. This international textile production certification is the most stringent global organic textile standard and encompasses every step of production, from ensuring products are free of harmful substances to overseeing the treatment of employees.

●TaviLuxe™ fabric
Made from beech wood with low water consumption and a CO2-neutral production process, TaviLuxe™ is an earth-friendly and performance-oriented product. Our sister brand TAVI is a carefully selected apparel line that can be worn in the studio and beyond.

Process after yarn selection

We are committed to providing the best products possible while continuing to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

●Ethical Sourcing We are committed to creating a safe environment for our workers and manufactured in facilities that source natural, recycled, and sustainable fibers whenever possible. From fiber selection to final packaging, it's important that our products align with our values ​​of supporting the environment and local communities.

●Small waste packaging
Our beautiful catalog of products is now available in digital-only format. We are taking steps to run our entire business digitally, and where we have printed materials, we use post-consumer waste materials and soy-based inks. We also use recycled materials for packaging materials.

●Best business practices
We partner with a limited number of factories around the world to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all workers who manufacture our branded products . We regularly visit these factories and closely monitor them to ensure standards and best workmanship.