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Thirty Three Threads was born on the west coast of the United States, near the 33rd parallel. It is here that our story lives, in keeping with the spirit of the active lifestyle of our San Diego, California roots.

Our brands, ToeSox, TAVI, Base 33 and Vooray , each with their own unique characteristics, represent this synergy.

We are setting new trends in studios and beyond, driven by our clients' desire to enjoy a variety of exercises comfortably, whether it be Pilates, yoga, fitness or more.

We continue to innovate and create high-performance, high-quality products to support our customers' active lifestyles.

Our Brands

toe socks


A lifestyle sock brand founded in Los Angeles, USA in 2004. The "Five Toe Grip Socks" were born from the need to protect the feet while supporting natural movements during barefoot classes, and have become a standard accessory for all exercise classes, including yoga, Pilates, ballet, and dance.

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TAVI is an American lifestyle brand that combines performance and luxury . They offer premium sports socks and functional apparel lines. Their products are characterized by high performance and beautiful design through their craftsmanship. They are widely supported by pilates, yoga, and other studio exercises as well as cycling and HIIT enthusiasts.

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VOORAY is a brand of bags and goods that loves fitness and fashion and provides the means to enjoy training anytime, anywhere. The bag accessories are inspired by a lifestyle that is on the move, from travel to fitness, and feature proprietary PEVA running (waterproof pockets) and technical functions.

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Bass Thirty Three


BASE33 was born in 2018 to meet the demands of many studios for men's grip socks that offer the highest quality and performance. The number 33 comes from the 33rd parallel in San Diego. BASE33 is a premium men's socks and glove brand that continues to pursue unparalleled attention to detail and materials.

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  • Eco-Friendly Apparel

    Made from beech wood with low water usage and a CO2 neutral production process, it is a performance-driven product that is good for the planet.At the end of its life cycle, the fibres decompose and can be returned to the ecosystem.

  • Made with certified organic cotton

    We've been using certified organic combed cotton in our socks since 2004. Cotton that has been "treated" before being spun into yarn is softer, of higher quality, and more durable than regular cotton.

  • Promoting SDGs

    We manufacture in facilities that are committed to creating a safe environment for workers and source natural, recycled and sustainably sourced fibers whenever possible. From fiber selection to final packaging, our products support the environment and local communities.