• [TAVI] Emma Grip Socks / Yoga Pilates Anti-Slip Socks


[TAVI] Emma Grip Socks / Yoga Pilates Anti-Slip Socks

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Anti-slip socks that combine stylish design with reliable support and functionality.

Cute, functional and protective, the Emma is a high performance grip sock with a supportive compression arch band that will keep you safe during all your Pilates and yoga classes.

Brand Description

TAVI is an American lifestyle brand that combines performance and luxury. They offer premium sports socks and functional apparel lines. Their products are characterized by high performance and beautiful design through their craftsmanship. They are widely supported by pilates, yoga, and other studio exercises as well as cycling and HIIT enthusiasts.


●Size: XS size approx. 20cm-22cm, S size approx. 22.5cm-24.5cm, M size approx. 25cm-27cm, L size approx. 27.5cm-29.5cm
●An attractive Mary Jane silhouette with an open strap design on the instep.
●The brand's signature large triangular high-density silicone grip prevents slipping ●Made of certified organic cotton for a lusciously soft feel ●A hygienic alternative to bare feet

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[TAVI] Emma Grip Socks / Yoga Pilates Anti-Slip Socks

Description of item

[TAVI grip socks]

Full cover grip socks recommended for those who feel cramped at the base of their fingers with five fingers. The silicone grip has a large triangular shape that won't slip and you can feel the grip. The soft texture of organic cotton keeps the soles of your feet comfortable.

【Product Features】

●Grip socks for those who don't like five-finger socks. Functional socks that you can enjoy all day long, from sports to daily wear, without having to change them.
●Triangular high-density silicone grip that prevents slipping and allows sure footing on any floor.
●Arch band that secures the sole of the foot in the correct position with gentle pressure
●Uses soft, high-quality materials such as certified organic cotton, custom-made colored threads, and blended threads.
- Fitted heel with less twisting and heel tab to protect Achilles tendon
●Hand-sewn toe for seamless comfort


XS size: Approx. 20cm-22cm
Size S: Approx. 22.5cm-24.5cm
M size: Approx. 25cm-27cm

73% organic cotton, 14% nylon, 7% polyurethane, 6% polyester (silicone lining)

【country of origin】

Use & Care

・Although it is possible to wash it in a washing machine, we recommend washing it in a net etc.
・If you put it in the dryer, use low temperature.
・Do not use bleach or iron.


We strive to reduce the negative impact on the earth during the manufacturing stage of our products. We are committed to the durability of our products, so that they are not disposable, we invest in quality rather than profit, and we strive to allow consumers to buy better products at lower costs. From our selection of modal and organic cotton to our printing techniques, we actively choose more sustainable materials and techniques.

-Uses certified organic cotton with clear origin
The socks are made from certified organic combed cotton. Cotton is "fiber treated" before being spun into yarn, making it softer, higher quality and more durable than regular cotton.

●Uses GOTS (Organic Textile Global Standard) certified organic yarn
We only purchase GOTS certified organic yarn. This international textile production certification is the most stringent global organic textile standard and encompasses every step of production, from ensuring products are free of harmful substances to overseeing the treatment of employees.

Other product information

*Notes on size selection*
This product uses an [arch band] to raise the arch of the foot, so if you have high insteps, even the corresponding size may feel tight, so we recommend that you measure +1 cm.
Example) For those with high insteps of 24.5cm, we recommend [M size] approximately 25cm-27cm.

Mini art-like grip socks that bring out your unique and beautiful personality

TAVI socks are full-coverage socks that are always beautifully designed with perfect attention to detail and a sense of fashion, using soft and luxurious materials such as certified organic cotton, custom colored yarns, and blended yarns.