• [ToeSox] Mia Tec (Full Toe) Tech Grip Socks / Yoga Pilates Anti-Slip Socks


[ToeSox] Mia Tec (Full Toe) Tech Grip Socks / Yoga Pilates Anti-Slip Socks

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Five-toed grip socks made of sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material with cutting-edge technology "ToeSox Tec"

The "ToeSox Tec" material has next-generation levels of sweat absorption, quick drying, and antibacterial properties, making it cooler and more comfortable than ever before. These yoga and pilates socks not only have great grip, but also a classic design and are lightweight and comfortable to wear. *Toe-capped type

Brand Description

ToeSox is a lifestyle sock brand founded in Los Angeles, USA in 2004. The "Five Toe Grip Socks" were born from the need to protect the feet while supporting natural movement during barefoot lessons, and have become a standard accessory for all exercise classes around the world, including yoga, Pilates, ballet, and dance.


  • Size: S size approx. 22.5cm-24.5cm, M size approx. 25cm-27cm
  • Material: 64% polyester, 15% organic cotton, 14% nylon, 7% elastane / Country of origin: China
  • "ToeSox Tec" is a highly sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, antibacterial material that provides the ultimate in comfort
  • Patented non-slip silicone grip
  • Cute single strap design
  • Ideal for yoga, pilates, ballet and training

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[ToeSox] Mia Tec ミア テック(Full Toe/つま先あり) テック グリップ ソックス/ ヨガ ピラティス 滑り止め付 靴下

Description of item

[ToeSox Tech Grip Socks Features]

Non-slip 5-finger socks that provide the best performance in yoga and pilates. Your toes (fingers) can move independently and freely during exercise, improving balance and agility.

ToeSox's unique grip on the sole provides solid support for performance. The feeling is similar to bare feet, so you can exercise without feeling uncomfortable.

They remain comfortable even when you sweat, reduce stuffiness and rubbing between your fingers, and prevent blisters.

A hygienic alternative to bare feet, these socks protect from dirt and germs on floors and training equipment.

[Grip socks manufacturing technology]

[Five-finger structure] : Toes move naturally + Support body with fingers
[Grip sole] : Patented non-slip grip silicone firmly secures your feet.
[Arch band] : Lifts and supports the arch with gentle pressure
[Fit heel] : Prevents twisting and twisting

[Material characteristics]

Toesox Tec: A cutting-edge technology material with next-generation sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties to keep you cooler and fresher than ever.
Organic Cotton: Made with GOTS certified organic cotton. High quality and durable, with excellent moisture absorption and breathability, making it difficult to get stuffy.

[Design features]
Stylish single strap design. Can be used for various purposes such as bar training, Pilates, yoga, fitness, running, dancing, etc.


XS size: approx. 20cm-22cm
S size: approx. 22.5cm-24.5cm
M size: approx. 25cm-27cm
L size: approx. 27.5cm-29.5cm

64% polyester, 15% organic cotton, 14% nylon, 7% elastane

【country of origin】

Use & Care

・Although it is possible to wash it in a washing machine, we recommend washing it in a net etc.
・If you put it in the dryer, use low temperature.
・Do not use bleach or iron.


ToeSox strives to reduce the negative impact on the earth during the manufacturing process of our products. We are committed to the durability of our products, so that they are not disposable, we invest in quality rather than profit, and we strive to allow consumers to buy better products at lower costs. From our selection of modal and organic cotton to our printing techniques, we actively choose more sustainable materials and techniques.

-Uses certified organic cotton with clear origin
We've been using certified organic combed cotton in our socks since 2004. Cotton is "fiber treated" before being spun into yarn, making it softer, higher quality and more durable than regular cotton.

●Uses GOTS (Organic Textile Global Standard) certified organic yarn
We only purchase GOTS certified organic yarn. This international textile production certification is the most stringent global organic textile standard and encompasses every step of production, from ensuring products are free of harmful substances to overseeing the treatment of employees.

Other product information

*Notes on size selection*
This product uses an [arch band] to raise the arch of the foot, so if you have high insteps, even the corresponding size may feel tight, so we recommend that you measure +1 cm.
Example) For those with high insteps of 24.5cm, we recommend [M size] approximately 25cm-27cm.

Five-toe socks loved around the world, made with "ToeSox Tec" material that's cooler and more comfortable than ever before